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I have a table, inside thead, tbody and tfoot. Thead and tfoot have a background image. I try to apply rounded corners, and everything looks good until I apply any background (color or image).

Screen below:

enter image description here

Thead and tfoot have also border, so when I hide background, it's rounded like I want... The problem appears in all browsers...

Is there any option to round this background (color or image)?

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You can set the background as an image with z-index: 1 and set the content as z-index: 2, then round the image's corners using CSS.

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yeah, works perfect, thanks. I set position of main div as relative, make two additional divs (background_top, background_bottom) and set them position: absolute. And create table inside main div because I need 100% width of table. –  Mr Sooul Jun 6 '11 at 11:48

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