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The following code adds a class to the last div:


This works on page load but the divs are in an animation, so the order changes. Is there a way to make the code run every second, so the class is added to the last div each time?

For me I dont think it matters that eventually every div will have the new class.


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you can use animation or:

},1000); // add or remove class `added` after every one second; two change the duration you can chage the value of `1000`
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As Peeter suggested, you can add a callback to the animation, for example:

jQuery.fadeIn(2000, function() {
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You can use setInterval to do this.

setInterval(addNewClass, 1000);

function addNewClass() {
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Add a callback to the animation instead.

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Im using a plug in which I dont think allows for that. I know its a bit messy but whats the practice downside to my work around? Thanks –  jdln Jun 6 '11 at 11:51

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