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I have two model in my profile that request image upload.

One is just a market place where all the images can be together, i don't care, but the other is a photo gallery. I ready many ways to upload images (most are very old - 2007/2008). and didn't really find the right way yet.

So,Here i am, hoping that i will get my answer here... Is there a a good tutorial that any one know about on how to upload a complex form (two three models inline in one form with image upload for every user to the user directory) ?

I know this might be two questions, but it is connected to the same issue...



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Maybe you can write your own Storage class which takes into account the current user to determine the directory to store the file?

Maybe it is even possible to abuse the existing system and change the FileField.storage in for example the constructor. I am not sure if this is easily possible, and it will probably be a very dirty solution.

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@Erez, i advise you to implement your own storage backend, like muksie stated - it's more native way. –  DataGreed Jun 6 '11 at 21:46

I think i found the answer over here eventually:

Upload files by user

If I user this as the base concept, I can actually create what i am looking for....

10x everyone.

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This is usually done with os.mkdir


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