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I need the following implementation in Android:
How to get Google Maps API to set the correct zoom level for a country?

For those that do'nt want to click:
How to zoom to a country by name in an Android application?

Anyone got a pointer on how to accomplish this task?

Edit: i guess i can parse this file.
But then the question is: map.fitBounds() kind of method in Android?

Thanks in advance

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Ok ill answer my own question. I parsed the file above and used the following code to zoom to the countries:

MapController controller = mapView.getController();
        (maxLat - minLat),
        (maxLong - minLong));

controller.animateTo(new GeoPoint(
            (maxLat + minLat)/2,                 
            (maxLong + minLong)/2 ));
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