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I'm reading Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorials. I just came across my first example of code (HTML really) being long enough to wrap to a second line. Here's what it looks like in my TextMate...

My TextMate

The lines between the paragraph tags aren't lined up below the "a href" (as I'm thinking they should be).

Now here is the same code taken from Michael's tutorial...

enter image description here

In Michael's example the same lines are perfectly lined up under the "a href".

How can I properly indent my code in TextMate to look as neat as Michael's does here?



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Go to View and turn softwrap off, then put linebreaks and tabs in manually.

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Use the Text>Reformat Paragraph menu command (Ctrl-Q).

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For what it's worth, there's a six year old request to add this sort of smart indenting to TextMate.

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