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I am new to ruby on rails.I am trying to consume my existing Java REST api using Rails, ActiveResource class, but every time resource URL hit, is wrong (https://myapp/resource/**apis**/responce.josn), where the correct url is (https://myapp/resource/**api**/responce.josn)

Problem is active resource mapping apis/ instead of api/

Below is my code for model => app/model/api.rb

class Api < ActiveResource::Base
  self.site = "https://myapp/resource"
  self.format = :json
  self.element_name = "api"

Code in app/controllers/api_controller.rb

@api = Api.get(:responce, :key => "key", :userId =>'1')

The above code always give 404 error, when I check the logs, resource is hitting https://myapp/resource/**apis**/responce.josn?key=key&userId=1 Where it must hit resource URL as https://myapp/resource/**api**/responce.josn

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The self.element_name = "api" is fixing the pluralization when you are doing a find(:first) or similar. What you need is self.collection_name = "api". That should fix the URL it is creating.

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Thanks a lot!!! It will be great help if you can suggest me any books, to learn Ruby on Rails, JRuby, RSpen to become professional –  happy To help Jun 7 '11 at 6:49

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