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I'd like to make some simple calls to Yahoo Query Language (YQL). Has anyone implemented this in .NET?

Here is the query I'd like to make from .NET:

select MarketCapitalization 
where symbol 
  in ("YHOO","AAPL","GOOG","MSFT","unknown")


Everything is working 100%, thanks @fernaramburu.

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Yes. There two good examples that are actually working because I just tested some hours ago...


Hope this help! It helps me a lot!

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Not really an example, but a complete .NET library is Yahoo! Finance Managed.

A description for using the lib can you find here.

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Really nice link - thanks! – Contango Jun 22 '11 at 0:22

To access the YQL Web Service, a Web application can call HTTP GET, passing the YQL statement as a URL parameter...

Then WebRequest would be your friend. You can find tons of information how to make GET calls to a webservice on the net.

Or are you talking about a LINQ-Provider?

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I had a look for a YQL LINQ provider, there doesn't seem to be one, unfortunately. – Contango Jun 8 '11 at 20:51

There is a complete example (with downloadable .NET source code) here:

This example implements OAuth to let you take advantage of the higher usage limit of 100,000 requests / day and 10,000 requests / hour.

To create an OAuth key, see So, you want to use some Yahoo! APIs.

The code won't work without a minor change: replace the query for pizza with "show tables".


YQL didn't work with without appending the following string to the query:


The full query string is:*

To obtain a full query URL from a YQL query:

  • Browse to the Yahoo YQL query console.
  • Create a query, e.g. select * from where symbol in ("MSFT")
  • On the base of the page, there is a section under "The Rest Query". Copy this. This URL will work in any browser (or any desktop app that uses YQL).
  • Modify the C# source to append the string & to the url within the two overloaded QueryYahoo functions.
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