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Is the page size constant? To be more specific , getconf PAGE_SIZE gives 4096, fair enough. But can this change through a program's runtime? Or is it constant throughout the entire OS process spawn. I.e. , is it possible for a process to have 1024 and 2048 AND 4096 page sizes? Let's just talk virtual page sizes for now. But going further is it possible for a virtual page to span a physical page of greater size?

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It is possible for a process to use more than one pagesize. On newer kernels this may even happen without notice, see Andrea Arcangelis transparent huge pages.

Other than that, you can request memory with a different (usually larger) page size over hugetlbfs.

The main reason for having big pages is performance, the TLB in the processor is very limited in size, and fewer but bigger pages mean more hits.

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Thanks for the info and link! – janjust Jun 6 '11 at 15:54

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