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I know I'm missing something stupid. I followed the instructions in wiki and I got few zip files in bin\Release\vside folder, which I'm sure are visual studio templates. But I don't know how to install them to be available in Visual Studio new project dialog.

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Copy the zip files to My Doucmetns/Visual Studio 2008/Templates

We don't support those templates anymore though as no one is there to maintain them anymore (they are only for vs 2008)

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Thanks very very much :). –  IsmailS Jun 6 '11 at 13:33
Is there a set of steps anywhere for when not using the templates? As I am looking at 2.1 spit into it's parts but there is no documentation on getting started. –  John Sep 22 '11 at 13:54
The quickstarts are being updated and you can expect something next week. The simplest way is to update to openwrap 2.0 and use the new create-openrastasite command, which gives you templates for 2.1. –  SerialSeb Oct 3 '11 at 11:49

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