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I have a list with category names , e.g. cats = ["tv", "movie", "theater"]. I would like to write a url pattern to catch only URLs which contain one of the items in the list, such as:

url(r'^site/CATEGORY_NAME/$', 'mainsite.views.home'),

so that CATEGORY_NAME can only one one of the items in the list cats. How can I do that?

Thanks, Meir

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You can build part of a regular expression from the list by using python's string join method, and then use that in the URL pattern.

For example:

cats = ["tv", "movie", "theater"]
cats_re = '(?:' + '|'.join(cats) + ')'

# ...then...
url(r'^site/' + cats_re + '/$', 'mainsite.views.home'),

In this case, the whole regular expression would look like:

url(r'^site/(?:tv|movie|theater)/$', 'mainsite.views.home'),
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As URL matching is done based on a regular expression you can use the ability of regular expressions to match multiple strings to do this. The | (pipe) character selects between multiple options, i.e. (a|b|c) will match a, b or c.

url(r'^site/(tv|movie|theatre)/$', 'mainsite.views.home'),

The Python regular expression documentation is really rather good and worth a read.

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