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I want to know how it is better to work with databases in android: with

_id integer primary key autoincrement

or without autoincrement?

In my app I have 2 tables, one with lists,and one with products. If I delete a list and I don't use autoincrement the new list I will do will have the products of the lists I deleted.

Thats mean that if I don't use autoincrement when I delete a list from a table, I have to delete its product too. So, which method is better?

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I'm pretty sure that if you have a field named _id, it will automatically be autoincremented in sqlite. –  Maximus Jun 6 '11 at 14:34

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SQLIte db table always has autoincrement field rowid.
You can refer docs: ROWID

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Yout lists should have a auto-incremented id-field, so you can use it for things like showing it in a ListActivity (which uses the _id-field for the onClick-method).

When you delete your whole list, it's entry's are no longer needed (otherwise you wouldn't delete the whole list), so you'll want to delete them, too. If the Entry's also have the list's ID (from the list they belong to), you can delete all of them with one query, too.

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