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I have a flex 3 datagrid that is in a completely separate container from the object that I am trying to reference it from - i.e. the datagrid is in a vbox, and I am trying to set a property in the datagrid from a popup.

How do I access the datagrid from the popup? I'd like to do something like:

myView.myDatagrid.resizableColumns = false;

Using cairngorm as a framework if that is of any help.

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You'll have to explain your architecture better to get a specific answer. This answer may help as everything I said about running methods on another component, also applies to accessing properties.

One solution for you is to pass the DataGrid instance into the popup as an instance variable; then the PopUp will be able to change the DataGrid's properties easy.

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When you add your popup, you need to listen for an event. Then your PopUp needs to dispatch an event that the parent can handle.


and then in the parent component

public function disableResize(event:SomeEvent):void{
   myDatagrid.resizableColumns = false;

This assumes a custom event called SomeEvent... you can actually just create a default Flash event and give it a name like

 dispatchEvent(new Event("MyDisableResizeEvent"));

Assuming you've got a button in your popup:

<mx:Button click="{dispatchEvent(new Event('MyDisableResizeEvent'));}" label="Disable Resizing"/>
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