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Looking for some guidance.

In my main window nib file, i have a tab controller where each tab control item is being loaded by a separate nib file and controller. One of the tab items is being loaded by a navigation controller. Looks like this (excuse me for not including screenshot)

  • MainWindow.xib
    • Windows
    • UITabBarController
      • UITabBar
      • UINavigationController (loaded from Test.xib file)
        • TabBar Item
  • Test.xib
    • View

Now I like to add a scrollable text in the Test.xib. So that when the user clicks on the tab item, my Test view opens up with some text that the user can scroll.

Do I need to add a UITextView as a child of my View in Test.xib ? Do I need to add a UIScrollableView ? And how would I connect them all so that I can manage the text.

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If you add an UITextView to your view, connect it to a proper Outlet in your controller, than you can manipulate the text with setText:. The scrolling behaviour is added automatically.

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Thanks @unset . There was something wrong with IB and I wasn't able to achieve it, with a new fresh view and the proper outlets as you mentioned, it worked perfectly. – bendigi Jun 6 '11 at 23:41

Yes, UITextView needs to be a child of your View in Test.xib (you can add it programatically if you like or through IB). You do not need a UIScrollableView. The textview will scroll as long as you set scrollEnabled = YES;

Not sure what you mean by "how would I connect them so I can manage the text". You can send the UITextView a message of setText to whatever text you want in there. Hope that helps some!

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Thanks, I simply had to connect an outlet to get it working. Oh and somehow Interface builder wasn't adding my text view correctly. Now it's good. – bendigi Jun 6 '11 at 23:42

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