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i need to redirect a output of a command to two files say file1 and file2 file1 is a new file and file2 is already existing file where i need to append the output i have tried

This is not giving the expected results:

command > file1 > file2
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You are looking for the tee command.

$ echo existing >file2
$ date | tee file1 >> file2
$ cat file2
Mon Mar  9 10:40:01 CET 2009
$ cat file1
Mon Mar  9 10:40:01 CET 2009
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For Windows (cmd.exe):

command > file1 & type file1 >> file2
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Assuming you're on a Linux-like system, try

command | tee file1 >> file2

tee splits the output stream and sends it to two destinations.

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In PowerShell use tee-object (or its tee alias)

command | tee first-file | out-file second-file

Can also tee to a variable (e.g. for further processing).

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In Linux, you can do this

command | tee file1 >> file2

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It will be possible using the following command. command | tee -a file1 file2

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