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i am using awk and need to find if a variable , in this case $24 contains the word 3:2- if so to print the line (for sed command)- the variable may include more letters or spaces or \n....... for ex.

$24 == "3:2" {print "s/(inter = ).*/\\1\"" "3:2_pulldown" "\"/" >> NR  }

in my above line- it never find such a string although it exists.

can you help me with the command please??

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If you're looking for "3:2" within $24, then you want $24 ~ /3:2/ or index($24, "3:2") > 0

Why are you using awk to generate a sed script?


To pass a variable from the shell to awk, use the -v option:

val="3:2"  # or however you determine this value
awk -v v="$val" '$24 ~ v {print}'
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i can't put this as it is in the condition- so how will i do that?$24 ~ /3:2/ –  Shira Jun 6 '11 at 19:13
the index worked properly!! thx i'm doing it cuze i have a table i want to go over line by line- according to each line i need to create a file- to replace some words in- with the word that appears in the table by using sed, does it answer your question?? –  Shira Jun 6 '11 at 19:21
awk '$24~/3:2/' file_name

this will serach for "3:2" in field 24

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