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When the user click something in my App it activates the Menu, which pops up on screen. However this Menu also activates a transition, which I can't seem to turn off. So the screen does some weird sliding thing which looks really bad. I have set some global transitions, and this is the only place they are causing a problem.

Is there a way I can access the screen that the default menu pushes so I can set a new empty transition? Or is there any other way to control the transition without going back and turning off the global transitions and setting them for every individual page?


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When using a global sliding transition (TransitionContext.TRANSITION_SLIDE), make sure to set the style to TransitionContext.STYLE_OVER, since the default is TransitionContext.STYLE_PUSH which causes the ugly screen slide when opening the menu.

Up-sliding menu example would look like:

TransitionContext transition = new TransitionContext(TransitionContext.TRANSITION_SLIDE);
transition.setIntAttribute(TransitionContext.ATTR_DURATION, 150);
transition.setIntAttribute(TransitionContext.ATTR_DIRECTION,  TransitionContext.DIRECTION_UP);
transition.setIntAttribute(TransitionContext.ATTR_STYLE, TransitionContext.STYLE_OVER);
Ui.getUiEngineInstance().setTransition(null, null, UiEngineInstance.TRIGGER_PUSH, transition);
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Thanks, I ended up setting more customized transitions which fixed the problem, but glad to know there is a solution. – Woody Jun 17 '11 at 14:26

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