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How can I format chart label? I need to see only 2 digits after point.

I try chart.ChartAreas.First().AxisY.LabelStyle.Format = "#.##"; and 0.00

Also I try to set Series[0].LabelFormat = "0.00" and #.##

and without success.

What is wrong?

current chart

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Try setting .AxisX.LabelStyle.Format to "{0:0.00}" - I had to do it recently on one of my charts so it should work.

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try this

chart.ChartAreas.First().AxisY.LabelStyle.Format = "F2";

and the details on this page

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You could also iterate over your list. Here is what I did for percentages:

foreach (var point in Chart.Series[0].Points)
    point.Label = point.YValues[0].ToString("P2");
    point.LegendText = point.YValues[0].ToString("P2") + " - " + point.AxisLabel;


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Set the YValueType="Double" and the LabelFormat="C" within the tag.

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