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I'm currently using the Netbeans platform and can't seem to get one TopComponent to communicate with another. My research has pointed me in the direction of using Lookups however I can't seem to access my function.

I have one TopComponent called AppleTopComponent, which has a method called myName() and I want to call it from my OrangeTopComponent, which is called within a button handler, inside that handler I have the following code.

TopComponent tc = WindowManager.getDefault().findTopComponent("AppleTopComponent");
Lookup tcLookup = tc.getLookup();

Surely this should be a simple process, what is it I'm doing wrong.

Many thanks, Alex

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This should do what you're looking for.

    TopComponent tc = WindowManager.getDefault().findTopComponent("AppleTopComponent");
    AppleTopComponent atc = (AppleTopComponent) tc;
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