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Sorry if this is a duplicate, most of the questions that I looked at were similar but not the same question.

I have a form with a checkbox:

<input id = "ppCheckBox" type = "checkbox" name = "policy"/>

I do an ajax call in my JS to send all form data to a page load. I want to be able to know if that checkbox is checked during page load.

Any ideas on how to do this? is there something like Request.Params.["policy"].isChecked()? Or any method that I can use just to determine if it is checked?

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I added your input and an asp button to a page, clicked the button, and viewed the Request["policy"] in the debugger.

When the checkbox is unchecked, Request["policy"] returns null. When it's checked, it returns "on".

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Make it server side:

<input runat="server" id = "ppCheckBox" type = "checkbox" name = "policy"/>

Then you can reference ppCheckBox by name in your C# code.

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