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In Android when you pop up a dialog the screen behind it dims. Is there any way to control what that looks like? For example making it dim more or less or using some kind of a pattern?

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Yes, it is. You can control it.

After creating dialog:

WindowManager.LayoutParams lp = dialog.getWindow().getAttributes();  
lp.dimAmount=0.0f; // Dim level. 0.0 - no dim, 1.0 - completely opaque

Upd: you can even add blur behind the dialog:


Blurring is deprecated since API14:

This constant was deprecated in API level 14.
Blurring is no longer supported.

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Wonderful! I'll try that tomorrow! –  CaseyB Jun 6 '11 at 22:57
blurring is deprecated –  Mars Jul 30 at 13:57
@Mars True. Thanks, added it to answer –  Sergey Glotov Jul 31 at 11:36

This solution did not work for me. There is another option, you can cancel the flag that control dimming. This code worked for me:

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You should set dialog contentView before setting dimAmount, otherwise there is no effect –  jjyao Feb 16 at 14:00
@jjyao Thanks...You saved me. –  Ketan Ahir Sep 5 at 6:02

Or you can do:

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