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Sorry for probably too novice question

I have folder on file system that contains java sources, like that: C:\project\src\com\sun\blahblah...\Main.java

Main class is in the package com.sun.blahblah... and contain public static void main method, i.e. everything is well-formed :)

I want to import entire folder C:\project\src then I want to right-click Main.java and run it as Java application.

What kind of import should I select in Eclipse (from file-system or what)?

Note I don't want to create copy of my sources. They are under SVN already. I want to edit/run existent soures.

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You shouldn't actually use the com.sun package unless your code is the property of Sun Microsystems. I assume you were just using that as an example, but just in case... –  MatrixFrog Jun 6 '11 at 20:27

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  1. Create a new Java project in Eclipse
  2. Select c:\project as the root folder of the project (create a project from existing source)
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