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Does some know of an OWL ontology describing different products? I've tried to find it on http://linkeddata.org but to no avail (or maybe I am missing something)? Ideally, the ontology would be linked to FOAF

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The basics of using GoodRelations for exposing product model details is described here:


Also, this illustration might be helpful:


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thank you, that was exactly what I needed. –  Vukasin Toroman Jun 9 '11 at 20:59

You might find something in GoodRelation's stuff.

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If you are asking for a description vocabulary, GoodRelations is a plausible option, as suggested by msalvadores.

If you are looking for an ontology/taxonomy of products, you may want to look at Google's product taxonomy. The Drupal community translated that taxonomy into XML and RDF, dated back in May 2009.

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great hint, thx –  Vukasin Toroman Jun 9 '11 at 20:59

Meanwhile there are efforts from the makers of Goodrelations for this specific problem [1] to turn Product Classification Systems into Web Ontologies. They also work with Googles Product taxonomy. They have developed a tool [2] in python which allows you to do the transformation automatically.

[1] http://www.ebusiness-unibw.org/ontologies/pcs2owl/

[2] https://bitbucket.org/alexstolz/pcs2owl/overview

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