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What's a good regular to determine if text contains links that DO NOT point to a specific domain?

I found this post, but I need the opposite of it: Specific domain URL validation with Regular Expression

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You can use the exact code in the answer your linked, but put your logic into the "did not match" case. Here's my quick .Net re-write:

Regex r = new Regex(@"^https?://([a-z0-9-]+\.)*blah\.com(/.*)?$";

string[] tests = {
  , 'http://blah.com/so/this/is/good/index.html'
  , 'http://www.blah.com/so/this/is/good/mice.html#anchortag'
  , 'http://anysubdomain.blah.com/so/this/is/good/wow.php'
  , 'http://anysubdomain.blah.com/so/this/is/good/wow.php?search=doozy'
  , 'http://any.sub-domain.blah.com/so/this/is/good/wow.php?search=doozy' 
  , 'http://999.sub-domain.blah.com/so/this/is/good/wow.php?search=doozy' 
  , 'http://obviousexample.com'
  , 'http://bbc.co.uk/blah.com/whatever/you/get/the/idea'
  , 'http://blah.com.example'
  , 'not/even/a/blah.com/url'

foreach (string url in tests ) {
  if ( !r.Matches(url) )
    // Did not match
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I think its close, but I have to pull ALL the links out of a string and then check to see if there's any that DO NOT point to a specific domain. –  Adam Devin Jun 6 '11 at 22:14
Can you update your question with an example of the sort of string you want to process? –  Dexter Jun 6 '11 at 23:07

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