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It works in the interactive shell but not from in a script. This script and the trace that follows demostrates:

set -x
tail -n 2 ../.bash_profile
tail -n 2 ../.bashrc
cat ../FUNC_FILE
cat testfunc

***14:43:56 502 ~/work>FUNC
***14:44:02 503 ~/work>t
++ tail -n 2 ../.bash_profile
compgen -A function  # List all functions
++ tail -n 2 ../.bashrc
compgen -A function  # List all functions
++ cat ../FUNC_FILE
function FUNC () { echo imafunc; }
./t: line 5: FUNC: command not found
++ cat testfunc
++ testfunc
./testfunc: line 1: FUNC: command not found
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Seems to work for me. Your demonstration doesn't really demonstrate the problem, though. Nowhere in there did you source the scripts you cat'ed.

My working example:

bash$ cat testfunction
function thingie () { echo "Ima function"; }
bash$ cat dofunction
. /path/to/this/directory/testfunction
bash$ ./dofunction
Ima function

Vs. the non-working example:

bash$ cat dontdofunction
cat /homes/bgerard/personal/tmp/testfunction
bash$ ./dontdofunction
function thingie () { echo "Ima function"; }
./dontdofunction: line 3: thingie: command not found

Use "." or (equivalently) "source" in place of "cat" and it should work.

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The functions are sourced in ~/.bash_profile and in ~/.bashrc. Why isn't that enough? – grok12 Jun 6 '11 at 22:51
Because your .bashrc and .bash_profile don't seem to be sourced from inside of your t script. I see you tailing them, but not sourcing them. In other words, t doesn't actually act on anything inside of .bashrc or .bash_profile; it merely echoes part of their contents using tail. – Brian Gerard Jun 6 '11 at 23:17
When I open a new Terminal window my .bash_profile runs and I am able to call FUNC. If I run a script like t shouldn't it inherit FUNC? I'm tail'ing those files just to prove I'm sourcing ~/FUNC_FILE in them. – grok12 Jun 6 '11 at 23:39
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The answer is here. You need to export the function after sourcing it in ~/.bash_profile.

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If you do not want to source the functions in the script and want the script to see them like you can in an interactive shell, you need to export the function as answered in Exporting a function in shell

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