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My datagrid is filled with data from an Oracle database. The datagrid refreshes after 1 min. After that, I lose the selected item. I want to avoid that. Consider that it's quite possible that there is new data after refresh, so the selected index may no longer appear in the datagrid after a refresh.

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You didn't say how the DataGrid was being refreshed; whether this is something automatic or something you've built. But, in essence, do this:

// before the refresh
storedSelectedItem = dataGridInstance.selectedItem;

// perform code to do the refresh

// after the refresh
dataGridInstance.selectedItem = storedSelectedItem
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Note that flex uses UIDUtil.getUID for testing equality of the selectedItem with the list of items. So make sure to implement IUID if this solution doesn't work as expected. – Koen Weyn Jun 7 '11 at 13:13

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