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I have a Rails 3.0.7 application. In the functional test I have following code. I am not using rspec or anything. This is plain vanilla functional test that comes with rails.

assert_response :success

Above assertion is passing. However I need to assert on the full content that is returned as the body of the response. How do I access the response body?

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You can access the response body in a functional test via:


Often, in this style of testing, you really want to use the method:


A nice way to check out the assert_select API is via the cheat gem:

gem install cheat
cheat assert_select
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response.body will be a json string. If you need to operate on it like a hash then you can use JSON.parse(response.body) to get that hash. – Ziggy Aug 3 at 23:04

This rails testing guide might help you some:

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