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I have downloaded the cygwin setup executable. When I run it, as adminstrator or not, I get the following message window:

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click OK to
close the application.

Here is the list of "Unknown Package":

Package: Unknown package
    000-cygwin-post-install.sh exit code -1073741790
    autoconf.sh exit code -1073741790
    autoconf2.5.sh exit code -1073741790
    automake.sh exit code -1073741790
    automake1.10.sh exit code -1073741790
    automake1.11.sh exit code -1073741790
    automake1.4.sh exit code -1073741790
    automake1.5.sh exit code -1073741790
    automake1.6.sh exit code -1073741790
    automake1.7.sh exit code -1073741790
    automake1.8.sh exit code -1073741790
    automake1.9.sh exit code -1073741790
    base-files-mketc.sh exit code -1073741790
    base-files-profile.sh exit code -1073741790
    bash.sh exit code -1073741790
    bashdb.sh exit code -1073741790
    colordiff.sh exit code -1073741790
    colorgcc.sh exit code -1073741790
    coreutils.sh exit code -1073741790
    font-bh-lucidatypewriter-dpi75.sh exit code -1073741790
    fontconfig.sh exit code -1073741790
    gcc-g++.sh exit code -1073741790
    gcc-g77.sh exit code -1073741790
    gcc-java.sh exit code -1073741790
    gcc-mingw-core.sh exit code -1073741790
    gcc-mingw-g++.sh exit code -1073741790
    gcc-mingw-g77.sh exit code -1073741790
    gcc-mingw-java.sh exit code -1073741790
    gcc-mingw-objc.sh exit code -1073741790
    gcc.sh exit code -1073741790
    indent.sh exit code -1073741790
    man.sh exit code -1073741790
    terminfo.sh exit code -1073741790
    terminfo0.sh exit code -1073741790
    tidy.sh exit code -1073741790
    update-info-dir.sh exit code -1073741790
    xpdf.sh exit code -1073741790

As shown in the Postinstall script errors window. I am installing on Windows 7, on a 64-bit computer.

Edit 1: I checked the cygwin folder and it is marked as read-only. This is a sticky bit and won't change. I'm having my I.T. department investigate this issue.

How can I get rid of these errors?

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I have no idea what your problem is, but when I get mysterious errors using Cygwin on 64-bit processors for the first time, my first thought is, "try rebaseall."

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Thanks for the suggestion. My issue is that the Setup.exe is displaying "bash.exe - Application Error" window. I don't have any dlls loaded yet. :-( –  Thomas Matthews Jun 7 '11 at 17:03
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Resolved. The company has an application SOPHOS which was interfering with the installation of Cygwin.

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