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I am working on some project in jsf and I need help. I have two tables in my database - USERS and EVENTS. I generated entity classes from these tables in netbeans, and also its controllers and facades. Then I joined these two entities with relation 1:N (Events has attribute userId(foreign key) - it is Id(primary key) from entity Users... that means every user can create many events, and event has only one owner-user), so I have new property in entity Users(which is not represented physically in database of course) - events with type <List>Events. (btw. I am using Java Persistance API).

My question is: When I want to create an event, as a logged-in user, am I supposed to do so through

  1. eventsController - ejbFacade.create(new Events(..., , or

  2. usersController - ejbFacade.edit(logged.getEvents().add(new Events(...))) and in this second case, do I need to put into Events constructor, or it should somehow fill automatically, since these entities are joined ?

I will have few more questions after solving this... :)

Thanks Michael

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First of all, why are you using Events instead of List<Event>? This makes things unnecessarily harder. – BalusC Jun 7 '11 at 0:20
Sorry, I made a mistake...of course I am using List<Events> – Michael Jun 7 '11 at 6:56

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