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How I can solve this error message

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8' Object required: 'lUATRef'

/cmgtest/transaction/viewPCReqForm.asp, line 284

this is some source code that I wrote below

function checkUATReq(aUATRef) 
    Dim correctness,lUATRef,uatRef 
    correctness = False 
    lUATRef = aUATRef 
    uatRef = lUATRef.Substring(1,2) 
    rwriteln uatRef 
    'sqlCheckUATReq = "select * from PC_DETAIL where ID ='"&uatReqRef&"'" 
    'rwriteln uatReqRef 
End function 
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Seems like your function isn't getting a parameter passed to it. Check whether aUATRef is getting initialized.

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aUATRef is already initialized. It's still occur same message. – ponomy1 Jun 7 '11 at 3:27

In VBScript, Strings aren't objects. You should use the Mid function to get a portion of a string:

uatRef = Mid(IUATRef, 1, 2)
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