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Previously my this code worked well but now it do nothing
I want to show an dialog then the user will be able to select some friends and invite them to use this application.
Now this code shows blank page.

include_once "fbmain.php";
if (isset($_REQUEST['ids'])){
echo "Invitation Sent";
    $string = "<script type='text/javascript'>top.location.href='{$fbconfig['appBaseUrl']}';</script>";
    echo $string;
else {
 <fb:serverFbml style="width: 500px;">
 <script type="text/fbml">
                type= <?php echo $fbconfig['appname']; ?>
                content="I tried this and love this, what about you ? <fb:req-choice url='<?php echo $fbconfig['appBaseUrl']; ?>' label='Accept' />"

                actiontext=<?php echo $fbconfig['appname' ]; ?>>

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it rendered a blank page, NO ERROR – Sourav Jun 7 '11 at 5:58

Facebook has deprecated this legacy FBML plugin. While it may still work for a while, you will want to upgrade to their new Requests Dialog, which will be easier to get support for. Also, I've noticed some other deprecated features stop working lately (yet they haven't officially been killed), so this may be the case. But check the javascript console for any errors and post them.

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Now to invite friends the only way is to use FB JS the code

function showInvite()
if (strlen($fbconfig['appname' ])>50)
 $title = substr($fbconfig['appname' ],0,45);
 $title = $title . ' ...';
 $title = $fbconfig['appname' ];

if (strlen($fbconfig['appBaseUrl'])>200)
 $message = substr($fbconfig['appBaseUrl'],0,200);
 $message = 'I just love this App, now it\'s your turn to try it @ '.$message;
 $message ='I just love this App, now it"s your turn to try it @ '.$fbconfig['appBaseUrl'];
 var r = FB.ui({ 
            method : 'apprequests',
            message: '<?php echo $message; ?>',
            title: '<?php echo $title; ?>',
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function showInvite() must be in script tag and it shows nothing when i call this function , i have changed appBaseUrl and appname according to my app settings – Muhammad Irfan Jun 15 '11 at 10:31
Facebook have changed their GRAPH API for inviting friends, in my case it shows UNKNOWN ERROR OCCURRED , and obviously showInvite should be in a script tag as it is a JS function. you need to add FB.JS too ! – Sourav Jun 15 '11 at 15:07

Try out code on this page, it would certainly help

Seems like this is what you are looking for

    appId  : 'APPID',

   FB.ui({method: 'apprequests', message: 'My Great Request'});                       
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Have you tried checking the pages source/html? Maybe there are some errors reporting. You can also in PHP call error_reporting(E_ALL); which will enable all errors to be printed instead of being hidden.

Also, perhaps you could check your browsers JavaScript logs for errors.

In Internet Explorer 9 press F12

In Firefox download firebug.

In Chrome press CTRL + SHIFT + J

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