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an example of my folder names are as follow:


as u can see, these folders are backed up by date time stamp.

original folder: abc

backup folder: abc.ddMMyyyyhhmm

my current code looks like this:

var files = Directory.GetDirectories(path, "abc.*");
foreach(var file in files)
foreach(var file in files.OrderByDescending(x=>x).Skip(int.Parse(args[0])))
foreach(var file in files.OrderByDescending(x=>x).Skip(int.Parse(args[0])))
Directory.Delete(file, true);

where args[0] will identify the number of folders to jump to. This code will always delete the smallest folder number.

However, i met a problem recently and that is when we have a change in month. for example:

abc.020620111500 where 020620111500 is the smallest folder number now.

as a result, abc.020620111500 will always be deleted instead of abc.300520111500

anybody has any idea how to go about solving this issue?

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If you can't change the directory names to YYYYMMDD which will always yield the result you want, you can try manipulating / parsing the filename strings (converting to dates for comparison, perhaps) and then rebuilding the directory name to be deleted.

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+1 I was about to supply that exact same answer and you must have hit return about 30 seconds before me. This is exactly what needs to be done. –  Jeff Langemeier Jun 7 '11 at 5:51
Hehe, I hate racing against the SO clock! –  baraboom Jun 7 '11 at 5:56

you can split the datetime part from the list of folders and have an unordered list.And then order them by datetime. something like this ..

var orderedList =
    (from p in unorderedList
     let value = DateTime.Parse(p.Details.Find(s => s.Name == sortColumn).Value)
     orderby value
     select p)
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+1 for an actual code sample... I don't do c#. –  baraboom Jun 7 '11 at 5:55
@baraboom thanks. –  Aravind Jun 7 '11 at 6:25

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