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I am looking to convert bumpbox from using mootools to using jQuery instead.

Has anyone done this, or are there any guides out there for doing this, I am fluent in jQuery, but know not of mootools.

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BumpBox is a Mootools plugin and so to use it with jQuery, you have to port it.
Plus, BumpBox is a clone of the original LightBox Plugin.

Why couldn't you use the jQuery LightBox Plugin?
Any particular feature that LightBox doesn't have?

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I just love the effects that it has, also the fact that if the dialog is bigger than the window it will not shrink, I also love the style it has. –  Hailwood Jun 7 '11 at 7:16

You can use this jQuery port of bumpbox -> http://direseas.com/examples/bumpbox/. Maybe tweak it a bit to suite your needs.

@naveen: as far as I know LightBox handles only images. It dose not support PDF and other content that the bumpbox does.

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