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I want to mock my Repository object in such a way that it can still do actual DB retrieve operations. Only for Saving operations, I wanted to setup to return mock data since I don't want it to save into the DB.

How should I do it?


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Maybe you should make your Save operation virtual and override it in a subclass which you use in your tests rather than using Moq?

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First of all, your unit tests should never actually go out to the database (it is all right for integration tests, but that is a larger topic). What you want to do is pretty straightforward with Moq, though:

public class MyRepo
      public virtual string Save(MyClass foo)
          // perform save...

 public class MyService
       public MyRepo Repo { get; set; }

       public string VerifyAndSave(MyClass foo)
            // verify foo...
            return new Repo.Save(foo);

 public class MyClass()
      public string SomeData { get; set; }

Notice the virtual modifiers on the methods--these are important for Moq to be able to stub them.

In your tests you could then do something like this:

 public class SomeTests
     private Mock<MyRepo> MockRepo { get; set; }
     private MyService Target { get; set; }

     public void Setup()
         MockRepo = new Mock<MyRepo>();
         Target = new MyService();
         Target.Repo = MockRepo.Object;

     public void MyTest()
           const string expectedOutput = "SAVED";
           MyClass exampleData = new MyClass();

           MockRepo.Setup(x => x.Save(It.IsAny<MyClass>())).Returns(expectedOutput);


           MockRepo.Verify(x => x.Save(It.IsAny<MyClass>()));

The chained calls of Setup and Returns in this case would guarantee that the calling method (i.e. VerifyAndSave) would see the value that you specified--"SAVED" in this case.

For more examples, take a look at the Moq quickstart docs.

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