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I want to read the protocol the user is on. HTTP or HTTPS and build my url for site 2 on that page accordingly.

Step 1: Read the url user is on site 1 //Could be anything http or https

Step 2: Prefix the protocol for site 2 on that site 1 page according. HTTP or HTTPS as per step 1

FF handles it good. But IE doesn't allow navigation from HTTPS site to HTTP site.

   <a href="protocol://site2.com/">Click here for site 2</a>
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What do you mean by it doesn’t allow it? And what’s your actual question? –  Gumbo Jun 7 '11 at 7:01

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From my jsp, I was able to break an URL into parts. For example, https://test.com:8080/ would yield:

request.getScheme() = https
request.getServerName() = test.com
request.getServerPort() = 443

See this document for details.

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What language are you trying to do it in?

For JavaScript, there's parent.location.protocol

For PHP, you can try using $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] == 443 or even $_SERVER['HTTPS']

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In JSP what is the code? –  StrataGeeks CEO Jun 7 '11 at 7:05
You can try using HttpServletRequest.getProtocol() or HttpServletRequest.isSecure() –  Jon Jun 7 '11 at 7:10
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I did it with String scheme = request.getScheme(); in my JSP

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