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I have a html table.I want to convert this into a datatable. What is the best way of doing so? Thanks

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Don't parse the HTML yourself, there are parsing libraries out there that can do that for you. Coupled with the HTML Agility Pack and LINQ, you can make short work of this.

var doc = new HtmlDocument();

var nodes = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//table/tr");
var table = new DataTable("MyTable");

var headers = nodes[0]
    .Select(th => th.InnerText.Trim());
foreach (var header in headers)

var rows = nodes.Skip(1).Select(tr => tr
    .Select(td => td.InnerText.Trim())
foreach (var row in rows)
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with some little customizations, works like a charm – Sangram Jun 27 '13 at 18:10
Would this take care of colspans and table styling (css)? This looks like it would simply translate the data and element markup – user327999 Jan 20 at 20:27
@user327999: no, this is just a one-to-one mapping. DataTables doesn't have such a thing anyway AFAIK. – Jeff Mercado Jan 21 at 8:34

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