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I'm trying to write generic code that can lex any stream of characters (dchars) into anywhere... whether it's from a file or from stdin into another file or stdout.

How do I do this?

It seems like stdin and stdout are painful to use with InputRange and OutputRange (since I have to wrap them manuallly every time), and I can't use std.stdio.Stream because it gives me bytes, not strings... and I can't find any adapter to convert from one into the other easily.

So effectively, I can't find a good way to use stdin/stdout in my programs.

Is there something e.g. like .NET's TextReader that can abstractly read text as an InputRange!dchar regardless of whether its input is a string, the console, or a file?

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The proper function which takes a dchar input range is:

void function(Range)(Range input) if(isInputRange!Range && ElementType!Range == dchar) {

However, you must have an input range that gets its input from stdin. There is talk of needing to rework stdio/streaming which has not been done yet. There is an undocumented range of dchar for stdin.

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