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I am making a Sharepoint 2010 masterpage from scratch using my own design. I want to add a custom drop down menu, but I am not able to find the correct code. Please suggest me correct steps to add a drop down navigation menu to my masterpage.

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Please go through below site. You can use SharePoint:ASPMenu control directly in Master page. You can render the value from Site Map xml. http://chrisstahl.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/customizing-sharepoint-2010-global-navigation-with-css-and-jquery-2/

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Build a solution in Visual Studio 2010 and use the asp.net Menu control. Package up the solution, deploy it to your sharepoint environment, and it will show as a web part when editing your master page in SharePoint Designer. Just drag it into your project.

Or, just use SharePoint Designer and drop the ASP.NET Navigation Menu control from there.

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I am a new person to SharePoint 2010 designer. Can you please provide me a walk-through guide how to customize the ASP.NET Navigation Menu once I have added it in SharePoint 2010 designer. –  Akshay Gupta Jun 9 '11 at 14:56

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