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I have this text input in a form:

<input type="text"
       style="width:200px; height:50px;" 
       value="" />

I am trying to get it to take multiple lines of input. The width and height make the box to be bigger, but the user can enter text all (s)he wants yet it fills one line only.

How do I make the input more like a textarea?

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You need to use a textarea to get multiline handling.

<textarea name="Text1" cols="40" rows="5" ... ></textarea>
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And the textarea tag can't be self-closing. <textarea \> is invalid. – Alex H Jan 19 at 13:03
@AlexanderH. Wrong slash, dude :) – incarnate Feb 17 at 9:40
@incarnate like i said, invalid :D – Alex H Feb 17 at 9:56
The post must've been corrected since then :) Sorry – incarnate Feb 17 at 11:09
@alexH irrespective of textarea, that's the wrong slash. Original answer had self-closing, but at least it was the correct slash. – Adam Aug 19 at 14:27

You can't. The only HTML form element that's designed to be multi-line is <textarea>.

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It is possible to make a text-input multi-line by giving it the word-break: break-word; attribute. (Only tested this in Chrome)

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Thanks! I noticed that Chrome was allowing multiple lines for inputs, which I totally didn't want to, and the reason was word-break which was inherited from the body element – rap1ds Nov 12 '14 at 14:12
Looks good in Chrome 39 and Safari 8.0.2, but not Firefox 34 in my brief testing. :( – Jeremy Wadhams Dec 18 '14 at 22:47

Use the textarea

<textarea name="textarea" style="width:250px;height:150px;"></textarea>

don't leave any space between the opening and closing tags Or Else This will leave some empty lines or spaces.

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Check this:

The TEXTAREA element creates a multi-line text input control

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