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I am using PHP's IMAP function to redirect mail. I am using the function given in the documentation imap_mail_move, imap_mail_copy. but this is not working, it returns false. the that i am using,

$mbox = '{'.$server.':'.$port.'/'.$tls.'}'.$mailbox;
$stream = imap_open($mbox,$username,$password);

$forward_mail_id = "";
$msglist = "1,2,3";

$copy_status = imap_mail_move($stream , $msglist, $forward_mail_id);

but function returns false. I want the mail in my webservers INBOX to be forwarded to my gmail's ID.

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  1. If you are using TLS sessions, make sure that the connection is successful.

  2. Try

    $copy_status = imap_mail_move($stream , $msglist, $forward_mail_id, CP_UID);

    $msglist then should consist of UIDs, not sequence numbers, of course.

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it will try this and let you know.. – Harish Kurup Aug 4 '11 at 5:56

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