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I am creating a mobile (iphone/android) application using appcelerator titanium. Is there any way I can make the app send sms to any given number with appcelerator titanium?

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Appcelerator have a set of modules that you can use if you are a member of one of their partner programmes. It includes an SMS module:

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That link is old – Yozef Nov 19 '14 at 20:51

If you don't want to pay, here's an SMS module for iOS:

You'll need to follow his guides, but you should be able to get it to work. For android, you can simply call a URL with "sms://"+phoneNumber or something similar.

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Here is a great module for this.

Only support Android. Will send sms automatically without usr interaction

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just found your question while searching google for something else. so I figured I'll answer in case someone encounter this Q in the future.

there's a module in the Appcelerator Marketplace for sending an SMS message:

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There is a function you can use to send SMS :

var SMS_SENT     = -1,
    SMS_NOT_SENT =  0;

 * Open an SMS dialog with the given message.
 * If the SMS is sent, run the onSuccess callback.
 * @message {text}      the text you want to send
 * @callback {function} the funciton you want to run on success
function openSmsDialog(message, onSuccess) {
    if (Ti.Platform.osname === 'android') {
        var intent = Ti.Android.createIntent({
            action: Ti.Android.ACTION_VIEW,
            type:   ''
        intent.putExtra('sms_body', message);

        var _onClose = function(activityResult) {
            if (activityResult.resultCode === SMS_SENT && onSuccess) {

        Ti.Android.currentActivity.startActivityForResult(intent, _onClose);
    } else {
        var smsModule = require("com.omorandi");

        var smsDialog = smsModule.createSMSDialog({
            messageBody: message

        if (onSuccess) {
            smsDialog.addEventListener('complete', onSuccess);

To make this code work on iOS, you have to use the com.omorandi module. For android, you don't need any module.

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could you please inform what the following code does? Ti.Android.currentActivity.startActivityForResult(intent, _onClose); – CyberJunkie Apr 10 '14 at 18:57

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