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in my view I have a scrollView as subview. The scrollView has another subview called thePDFView. It is for showing a PDF page.
This view has 2 subviews. drawImage is an image loaded from disk above the whole PDF view.
And paintView is the second subview where all the painting and markup is done. But I only want to add paintView when I press the paint Button.
This works, but when I press it again to stop painting mode and remove the view from superview, the whole screen gets white.
How can I bypass that?

- (id)init
  [self.view addSubview:theScrollView];
  [theScrollView addSubview:thePDFView];

  drawImage = [UIImage imageWithData:retrievedData];
  [thePDFView addSubview:drawImage];

  paintView = [[PaintViewController alloc] initWithImage:drawImage andPath:pageString];

- (void) togglePainting:(NSNotification *)notif  {

if (!painting) {
    theScrollView.scrollEnabled = false;
    [thePDFView addSubview:paintView.view];
else {
    theScrollView.scrollEnabled = true;
    [thePDFView removeFromSuperview];

painting = !painting;
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[thePDFView removeFromSuperview]; 

removes the whole view which was inside the scroll view leaving you nothing but the scrollview which does not have any subviews now. Hence your view is white. I think you wanted to remove only paintView.view so it should be [paintView.view removeFromSuperview];

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Ahh that's it! Thank You! The whole views made me go crazy... –  madmax Jun 7 '11 at 10:35

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