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A bit like this from WordPress: Wordpress diff

Or this from MediaWiki: Wikipedia diff

I have tried several diff engines in PHP, the most comprehensive seem to be (http://www.raymondhill.net/finediff/viewdiff-ex.php) and PEAR's Text_Diff, but I can't seem to find any option to have both versions stacked side by side like in the above images. I think that is easier to read than having both version in one.

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Have found a solution - by taking the WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_Table class from WordPress (wp-includes/wp-diff.php) which is used in conjuction with PEAR Text_Diff:

$diff = new Text_Diff('auto', array($lines1, $lines2));
$render = new WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_Table;
echo $render->render($diff);

When wrapped in tags the above code produces the same HTML layout as the above WordPress screenshot. There are then four CSS rules to style:

  • .diff-deletedline - the paragraph/line that is changed from the source text
  • .diff-addedline - the paragraph/line that is changed in the destination text
  • del - the individual word changed from the source
  • ins - the individual word that is changed in the destination

More details here: http://www.webdevguides.co.uk/php-2/wordpress-style-diff-in-php

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I am the author of finediff.php, which you refer to in your post.

Solution using PHP FineDiff class is quite simple: Get an HTML string of the diff using stock renderer FineDiff::renderDiffToHTMLFromOpcodes(), than you can use the same resulting string in two different DIVs, each CSS-styled appropriately, like so:

    $diff = FineDiff::getDiffOpcodes($fromText, $toText);
    $diffHTML = FineDiff::renderDiffToHTMLFromOpcodes($fromText, $diff);
<div id="from"><?php echo $diffHTML; ?></div>
<div id="to"><?php echo $diffHTML; ?></div>

Then it is a matter of styling properly to show only what you wish:

#from ins {display:none}
#to del {display:none}

Edit: ON second thought, I realize that you might want both sides to be anchored appropriately together, which my solution won't do.

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