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Our app makes a lot of HTTP requests and we are facing this issue with both inets-5.5.1 and 5.3.2.

Basically our receive clause for the response is trying to match the request id returned in httpc:request call and we see that the Request Id match fails

We gave seen this mismatch in all 3 receive clauses for stream_start, stream and stream_end

What we observed after a lot of trial and error is that if the same pid makes the http requests, the responses get kind of muddled up but if we spawn a separate process for the httpc:request, it is better . We also tried using a separate httpc profile to isolate the current process requests from other process requests. But even after this we have seen a lot of occurrences of this faulty behavior.

This is occurring with a lot of our http requests. Has anyone faced this ?

Thanks Suma

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This may not be a direct solution, but....
I suggest you try a much more "heavy duty" http client called ibrowse.
(if it is not too late for your project!)

Inets httpd and httpc are better for "simple HTTP tasks", so you may need Yaws, Mochiweb e.t.c if you need to do "duty grade" HTTP jobs instead of inets httpd
wish u success!

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