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Is there a way to simplify this assignmet in Velocity?

#if($errors.contains("Field required.")
    #set($requiredFieldErrors = true)
    #set($requiredFieldErrors = false)

So I need the $requiredFieldErrors as boolean so I can use the value later on in a if-else statement. A definition in one line would be great.

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You can modify this to:

#set($reqField = $errors.contains("Field Required.")

Or directly test it in the if statement (assuming you're not using the $reqField reference in other places).


#set($reqField = $errors && $errors.contains("Field Required.")

The above line will check to make sure $errors is a valid reference and contains the required value.

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That is the problem, I use the $reqField as macro param. Your statement will not work, if $errors is null. How to handle that? #set($reqField = $errors && $errors.contains("Field Required.") will not work. – CannyDuck Jun 7 '11 at 10:51
I modified my answer based on this question. I just checked that in Velocity 1.7 and received the proper value. – Scott Jun 7 '11 at 10:57

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