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How to assign the values for the parameters.

Rs232MsgRawEncoded(const int nMsgId,const INT8U* pSrc=NULL,unsigned int nSize=0);

I have declared the above cpp method declaration in Objective C as the following

-(id)initWithRS232MsgRawEncoded:(const int)nMsgId withpSrc:(const uint8_t*)pSrc withSize:(unsigned int)nSize;

Inside the function i'm checking whether its null or with some value.

I could not able to declare the variables as pSrc=NULL and nSize=0 in the Objective C Is there any way to do this?

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Objective-c (as well as c) does not support default parameters for functions.

So you can either use the function you have and pass all parameters to it every time. If you don't - create new functions with some parameters omitted and call your 'main' function with default parameters inside, e.g.:

-(id)initWithRS232MsgRawEncoded:(const int)nMsgId{
    return [self initWithRS232MsgRawEncoded:nMsgId withpSrc:NULL withSize:0];
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