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I have seen some solutions on how to use a dropdown list in HTML as a combo link list with JS. Is there possibly a way to do it without JS directly with HTML?

Maybe sth with method="link"?

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Without JS? Yes, do it server side (issuing an HTTP redirect in response to a form submission)

Directly with HTML? No.

It isn't a nice UI design though. Having links people can see without clicking, and can activate with a single click is much nicer.

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Thanks for the input Quentin. I have a list of items generated by PHP and the HTML select list serves as a filter. To keep everything clean, I now decided to convert it into a link list, but still it only filters items. I just call different PHP files that then show the selection. Any thoughts/recommendations on that? –  Frank Vilea Jun 7 '11 at 11:00

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