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In interface builder my outlets and ibactions won't connect. They simply won't show up, like it doesn't exist.

Here is my code:

@interface RootViewController : UIViewController {
 IBOutlet UILabel *time;


In Interface Builder the only two connections there are is:

  • view
  • searchDisplayController.

    Please Help!

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Had the same issue. Make sure you save (Shortcut: Ctrl+S) your .h before opening your .xib file.

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@ Whoever [-1]ed, please always try to explain your reasons, as the author usually cannot guess what's wrong, and as such cannot address the issue and/or improve he's post. --- This applies in double when dealing with a new user, such as is the case, as to avoid a needless scare-away situation. –  TheLima Nov 16 '12 at 16:39

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