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Let's I define my entity like this:

public class User : TableServiceEntity
    /// <summary>Unique Id (Row Key)</summary>
    public string Id
        get { return RowKey; }
        set { RowKey = value; }

    /// <summary>Gets or sets the username (Partition Key)</summary>
    public string Username
        get { return PartitionKey; }
        set { PartitionKey = value; }

will the following Linq query use the partition key or not?

var ctx = ServiceLocator.Get<UserDataServiceContext>();
return ctx.Users.Where(x => x.Username == Username).FirstOrDefault();
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Pretty sure it will not. You can verify this with Fiddler however. If you do not see a $filter on the wire with PartitionKey and RowKey in it, then you are not querying by them (which is probably bad). I believe what you will have on the wire is an entity that has 4 properties (PK, RK, Id, and Username) and the properties that you will be querying on will not be indexed.

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The property access to the base class property is present in the Linq expression tree presented to the driver. So it all depends on how clever the driver is. But I agree the chances are pretty slim :) –  Oliver Weichhold Jun 7 '11 at 13:48

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