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I'm following this example in the Zend framework manual


I'm having problem to fetch all the values out from the Sub Forms so I can store the values to the Model(Database)

Here is the action to process the form (in the Zend framework manual example it only show using getSessionNamespace to display all the values in the view)

public function processAction()
        if (!$form = $this->getCurrentSubForm()) {
            return $this->_forward('index');

        if (!$this->subFormIsValid($form,
                                   $this->getRequest()->getPost())) {
            $this->view->form = $this->getForm()->prepareSubForm($form);
            return $this->render('index');

        if (!$this->formIsValid()) {
            $form = $this->getNextSubForm();
            $this->view->form = $this->getForm()->prepareSubForm($form);
            return $this->render('index');

        // Valid form!
        // Render information in a verification page
        $this->view->info = $this->getSessionNamespace();

Thanks so much in advance!

At the moment im doing this in order to fetch all the subform values (I have 2 subforms one called jobDescription and other called userDetail)

   private function objectToArray($object)
        foreach($object as $member=>$data)
        return $array;

    $values = $this->objectToArray($this->getSessionNamespace()); // get all the stored values in the session and convert it to array
                        $data = array_merge($values['jobDescription'], $values['userDetail']); // merging it together

But I don't know is this the correct way to fetch the data for the Model.

Since i have to make the changes in the Model class,in order to get it working.

   $data = array(
             'quoteTypeId' => 1, //
             'serviceTypeId' => $values['jobDescription']['serviceType'],
            'religionTypeId' => $values['jobDescription']['religionType'],
            'postcodeId' => $postcodeId,
            'customerComment' => $values['userDetail']['customerComment'],
            'contactEmail' => $values['userDetail']['contactEmail'],
            'contactFirstName' => $values['userDetail']['contactFirstName'],
            'contactLastName' => $values['userDetail']['contactLastName'],
            'contactPhoneNumber' => $values['userDetail']['contactPhoneNumber'],
            'quoteStatusId' => 0,  // Quote Status in Pending Status
            'ipAddress' =>$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],
            'createdDate' => $date
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Sorry, but is not clear what exactly is the problem and what do you want to achieve. –  Marcin Jun 7 '11 at 14:00
Marcin- I added more information what I'm trying to achieve –  user648198 Jun 7 '11 at 14:46

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