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I'm trying to get a dump to debug some memory issues in ASP.NET processes (Windows 2003 R2 SP2 x64):

adplus -hang -o f:\dumps -pn w3wp.exe -quiet

There are nine w3wp.exe (all from different websites). Everytime I run adplus as above some of the dumps fail with this error:

WriteFullMemory.Memory.Read(0x100ea0000, 0x10000) failed 0x80070005, ABORT.
Dump creation failed, Win32 error 0n5
    "Access is denied."

The failure seems to be random (or I should say I can't find the reasons), i.e. sometimes some processes dump fine and sometimes they fail with this error. Things I checked:

  • I do have full administration permissions
  • There is plenty space on the target hard drive
  • I disabled pinging and failure protection on IIS to prevent IIS from killing the processes while adplus is dumping.

Anything else I should check? Has anyone else run into this issue? Adplus version is 7.01.002 (02/27/2009) (downloaded a couple of days ago from the latest SDK)

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This is because of inaccessible memory read failure. To avoid this you could use something like cdb/windbg and use .dump /mA command to generate full memory dump.

The .dump /mA same as .dump /ma except that it will ignore inaccessible memory read failure and continue minidump generation.

.dump options

The /mA option is equivalent to /ma except that it ignores any failure to read inaccessable memory and continues generating the minidump.


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+1 Sounds good, thanks! But why would there be inaccessible memory... only sometimes? Wouldn't I get a partial (potentially useless) dump this way? – Mauricio Scheffer Jun 7 '11 at 13:47
I think memory could have been paged out that's reason for inaccessible memory. No it won't give partial dump. – Naveen Jun 7 '11 at 13:57

It wouldn't matter if you are a member of admin you would still need to elevate privileges.

ADPlus needs to be run from a command prompt running under a local administrator account with elevated privileges. If you fail to do this, the dump file may not be created.

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